Information for Patients


Visiting inpatients, explanation of a patient's condition, issuance of medical and other certificates

Visiting inpatients

Staff Station

To provide inpatients with an environment in which they can concentrate on treatment and recuperation, we limit the number of visitors to a ward to two in principle.

  • However, there are some exceptions, as stated below.If your visit is approved as an exception, please follow the necessary procedure to obtain an entry permit, and show it when visiting a ward.
  • Then, please notify the ward staff station of your visit. Do not enter a ward room without permission.
  • Please use public transportation if you can, because the hospital has a limited number of paid parking spaces.
Those whom can visit inpatients
(Two visitors at a time are allowed in principle.)
  • Those given prior permission
  • Those whom exchange items (such as laundry and daily necessities)
  • Those whom the hospital has asked to visit for explanation of the patient's medical condition
  • Those whom the hospital has permit when admission, discharge and operation
  • Those whom the hospital has permit to attend the patient
Procedures to obtain an entry permit
  • Weekdays: 9:00-17:00 Liaison office for Community Medical Care(First floor of the Center for Outpatient Health)
  • Other times: After-hours Entrance and Exit, Security Office, Reception on weekends and holidays
  • People who fall into any of the following symptoms are prohibited from entering the hospital ward.
    • has a body temperature of 37.5 or higher
    • has cough such as cough, phlegm, etc., in the past week
    • has strong feeling of fatigue and/or difficulty in breathing
    • has been in contact a patient with epidemic diseases, such as influenza, gastroenteritis, varicella, measles, rubella, mumps, COVID-19
Exchange items such as laundry and daily necessities
  • Please hand items to or receive them from the inpatient near the ward counter. You cannot enter a ward room.
  • Reception hours: 14:00-19:00 (Fourth Floor of East Wing: 14:00-18:00 )
Visiting inpatients Reception hours: 14:00-19:00(Fourth Floor of East Wing:14:00-18:00)

Explanation of a patient's condition

Many doctors suffer from health problems due to long working hours. It is thus essential to provide a working environment for doctors without overstretching their capacity, particularly in order to enable them to provide patients with safe, high-quality medical care. To lessen doctors' burden and reduce their working hours, those in charge will contact concerned parties to explain an inpatient's condition if it is not an emergency case but when it has been determined that it is necessary to do so. We appreciate your cooperation in scheduling such a meeting to provide information.

Hours doctors are available to provide an explanation on an inpatient's condition From 8:30 to 17:15
on weekdays

Issuance of medical and other certificates

  Window Reception hours
During hospitalization Staff station of each ward From 8:30 to 17:00 on weekdays
After discharge Window 4 for requesting or receiving medical certificates, etc. First floor of the Center for Outpatient Health