Information for Patients

Training and ensuring patient safety

Training future medical professionals

  • As an educational institution, Chiba University Hospital plays an important role in training medical, nursing and pharmaceutical science students, as well as graduate school students.
  • Students doing clinical training will come in contact with patients while under the supervision of doctors, nurses and pharmacists to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to become medical professionals. We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to develop excellent medical professionals.
  • Resident doctors may provide medical care under close supervision by their instructors.

Ensuring smooth, safe medical treatment

  • Please do not take photos and videos, including with a mobile phone or smartphone, inside the hospital.
  • Hospital staff will not accept personal gifts from patients.
  • Any patient who fails to follow instructions from doctors, nurses and other hospital staff may be asked to leave the hospital.
  • Please follow hospital rules set to ensure we provide high-quality medical care to each patient.
  • Verbal abuse, violence and acts of harassment will be reported to the police.
  • To protect the safety of patients and ensure the smooth provision of medical care, we may refuse to provide treatment to any patient who:
    • Sexually harasses or physically assaults other patients or hospital staff.
    • Verbally abuses or threatens other patients or hospital staff.
    • Intentionally damages the hospital, facilities or other items, or causes a disturbance at the hospital through such actions.
    • Brings dangerous items into the hospital.