Information for Patients


Response to disasters

The hospital is designated as a Disaster Base Hospital

Large-scale fire drill
  • Disasters include fire, earthquakes, major accidents and storm/flooding, pandemics and terrorist attacks.
  • The hospital's buildings are fire-resistant, and feature earthquake-resistant and seismic isolation structures to ensure the safety of patients.
  • Hospital staff regularly hold disaster preparedness drills.
    Follow the instructions of hospital staff if a disaster strikes.
  • Since the hospital is designated as a Disaster Base Hospital, we may ask you to postpone hospitalization, leave the hospital early or transfer to another hospital during a disaster situation.

If fire breaks out

If you see a fire break out, inform your roommates and staff by shouting.

If there is an earthquake

  • Remain seated on the bed or a chair to protect yourself. Be sure not to fall.
  • Elevators stop at the nearest floor when an earthquake strikes. If you are inside an elevator, wait for the door to open and immediately get out and evacuate to a safe place.

If there is a major disaster

We accept more disaster victims than the number of hospital beds allows. We prioritize the treatment of critically injured or ill patients. Depending on the inpatient's condition, we may ask him or her to return to their home in line with their doctor's instructions. We appreciate it if you understand and cooperate with this policy.

To evacuate safely

Points to remember in normal time

  • Confirm the location of emergency exits.
  • Do not put things on windowsills. Do not place breakable articles such as crockery in your immediate vicinity.