Information for Patients


What to bring at the time of hospitalization


For all patients For those who are applicable
  • Health insurance card
  • Patient card
  • Pre-hospitalization health check list
  • Application/consent for hospitalization
  • Documents related to operations and treatment that you were instructed to bring when you visited the hospital as an outpatient
  • Certificate to put a ceiling on medical fees to be shouldered by a patient
  • Certificate to receive public subsidies
  • Hospital discharge certificate (issued by another medical institution from which the patient was discharged)
  • Pacemaker userʼs handbook
  • Maternal handbook (for Pediatrics/Obstetrics departments, etc.)

Medicine(s) one is taking/Medicine notebook

  • Keep your medicine(s) in a medicine bag given from a pharmacy.
    Bring your medicine notebook or medicine manuals so that we can identify the name and usage of your medicine.
  • Bring your ointment, external medication (e.g., eyedrops), over-the-counter drugs, health food and supplements whose name can be identified.
  • We will confirm if the medications and supplements, etc. that you bring are not in a bad combination or duplicate in drug component with the drugs the hospital will use or if they will not affect a surgery.

Notice from pharmacists(Explainer videos)

In order for patients to receive best medical care possible, one of our pharmacists will explain in a video how important it is for the hospital to have information about medication you are currently taking.

Daily necessities

Pajama(or hospital gown)
  • Unless your clinical department does not designate a hospital gown to wear, you can bring any type of pajamas.
  • But we prefer that you rent a hospital gown on the grounds of infection prevention and hygiene during hospitalization.
Shoes that can prevent slip and fall Slippers and sandals are unsuitable for walking inside the hospital because they are easy to slip off your feet.
Please bring indoor shoes that cover your heels and toes.
Be cautious about unexpected falls
Clothes (clothes and under wears) Also bring a cardigan, etc. for use when going out of the hospital room
Toiletries/bath items Tooth paste, brush and a cup, soap, shampoo and conditioner, etc.
Face and bath towels and bath rug
  • Bring white or light-colored towels based on the number of hospitalization days.
  • • The hospital does not provide a bath rug to prevent infection. Hospital store at East wing sells disposable bath rugs.
Earphones for TV They are available at hospital stores.
Tea cup Those with a lid and handle is recommended because they are convenient to use.
Tissue paper They are available at hospital stores.
Non-woven face masks They are available at hospital stores.Be sure to have the number of masks that lasts through your hospitalization period provided they are changed every day.
Others Dentures, eye glasses, hearing aid, artificial eye, their special cases and cane, etc.

Hospital gown rental

  Size Cost(per day)
general patients for children, S, M, L, 2L, EL 200 yen(including tax )
pregnant women M~LL 230 yen(tax exempt)

Stores/convenience stores

There are three stores: on the third floor of the West Wing, on the first floor of the East Wing and on the first floor of the Center of Outpatient Health. They might offer different retail prices for the same items.

Hazardous items are banned in the hospital

  • Bringing a fruit knife, scissors, nail clipper, razer and other hazardous items is prohibited.
  • Only electric shavers are permitted for shaving.

Manicure must be removed before hospitalization

Be sure to remove manicures, nail arts, jell nails on the hands and feet as well as hair and eyelash extensions before the hospitalization date.