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Registering information about operations and treatment on a database

Chiba University participates in a NCD database project to register information on operations and treatment

April 2017  Chiba University Hospital

The hospital is participating in a project undertaken by the National Clinical Database (NCD), a general incorporated association, to register medical data in a database.
The project is aimed at providing patients with the best possible medical care. It registers, aggregates and analyzes information about operations and treatment provided to patients, as well as data related to health insurance claims, and uses them to improve the quality of medical care.
The NCD project allows the hospital to consider ways to optimally allocate doctors who can provide the best possible medical care to patients, along with other medical resources. The hospital can also acquire reference information in providing optimal medical care to patients. We appreciate it if you can understand why we collect this information, and hope you will cooperate.

Information to be registered with NCD

The hospital registers information regarding operations and treatment it conducts, data necessary to verify the effects and risks of operations and treatment (age, height, weight, etc.) and information related to medical insurance claims. The hospital will never register patients' names, and instead uses identification (ID) unrelated to their name. A table that matches an ID with each patient is carefully maintained and will not be provided to the NCD.

Start of registration
Clinical departments
Jan. 1, 2011 Esophageal-Gastro-Intestinal Surgery; General Surgery, Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Unit; Breast and Thyroid Surgery; Cardiovascular Surgery; General Thoracic Surgery; Pediatric Surgery; Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
Jan. 1, 2015 Neurological Surgery
Jan. 1, 2017 Urology

Management of registered information and disclosure of results

The hospital strictly manages registered information, which cannot identify individual patients, because it is sensitive about patients' data.
In managing such data, the hospital and the NCD comply with laws and regulations for handling data and safely managing it (Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Health Research Involving Human Subjects, Guidelines for the Security Management of Medical Information Systems, etc.).
Only data approved by the NCD will be disclosed as aggregated data.

Refusal for registration, confirmation of registered data

Any patient who does not wish to have his or her data registered with the database is entitled to refuse registration. Please inform hospital staff of your preference in this regard.
Patients who wish to view registered data about himself or herself or delete the data are asked to inform the hospital staff. Refusal to be registered, as well as requests for viewing or revising the data, will not put a patient at a disadvantage in terms of medical consultation or treatment.

Cooperation for data confirmation through visits by NCD personnel

NCD personnel may visit the hospital to check patients' clinical charts and records with the aim of confirming whether the data the hospital registered with NCD is correct.
When we cooperate with this kind of investigation, we sign a confidentiality agreement with NCD personnel that bans them from taking data that can identify the patient's name outside the hospital, including the table that can match an ID with a patient's name, or from leaking such information.

Please notify hospital staff if you have any questions about this database project. For details, please visit the National Clinical Database website.

NCD personnel may visit the hospital to check patients' clinical charts and records with the aim of confirming whether the data the hospital registered with NCD is correct.