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Medical Services

photo:Prof. UNO Takashi
Prof. UNO Takashi

As one of the region's leading hospitals, we provide the full range of diagnostic imaging modalities and therapeutic techniques. Every section is staffed with qualified radiological technologists to offer sophisticated imaging and treatment techniques for all patients. We offer state-of-art medical machinery such as MR-Linac, 3T-MRI scanner, 256 detector-row CT scanner, SPECT-CT system, PET-CT system, and the Angio-CT system. We also work on the radiation safety management of patients and health professionals. Moreover, in collaboration with Chiba University Research Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, we carry out research on the development of new medical technologies.

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Chief Radiological Technologist MASUDA Yoshitada
Radiological Technologist 54


TEL: +81-43-226-2335