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Laboratory Medicine

Medical Services

Chairman:Assoc. Prof. MATSUSHITA Kazuyuki
Assoc. Prof.

The Division of Laboratory Medicine consists of the following sections and laboratories: blood drawing room, clinical chemistry, hematology, clinical microbiology, medical physiology and genetic testing. All of the laboratories keep international and high standard analytical techniques to ensure accurate, reproducible and rapid laboratory testing and assessment of physiological functions. The laboratory of clinical microbiology has significantly contributed to the control of infections in the hospital. The laboratory of genetic testing works in concert with the division of clinical genetics. It is a task for each laboratory to search for novel biomarkers or clinical indicators for better patient care, in addition to conducting their routine laboratory work.

Target Diseases

  • Clinical chemistry, clinical hematology, clinical microbiology, urinalysis, genetic testing, medical physiology for patient care in Chiba University Hospital
  • Pharmacogenomics for effective individualized therapies
  • Presymptomatic genetic testing for disease prevention and early intervention
  • Biomarker discovery through "Omics" technologies


Associate Professor NISHIMURA Motoi


TEL: +81-43-226-2324

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