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photo:Prof. ITO Shoichi
Prof. ITO Shoichi

Since the growth of the aging society, people are getting highly concerned with the managements of chronic diseases rather than acute diseases. Not only doctors, but also other healthcare professionals such as nurses and therapists, etc, have started to take part in interprofessional collaborative practice. In this social context, and for the sake of upgrading the quality of medical practice, all of the healthcare professions are required to participate in lifelong learning in order to increase their compentency level. In 1989, with the aim of offering postgraduate & continuing medical education for doctors, The Postgraduate & Continuing Medical Education Center (PCMEC) was established in the Chiba University Hospital (CUH). In 2005, the Health Professional Development Center (HPDC) was expansively rebuilt from PCMEC, with aims of providing lifelong learning for all healthcare professions and contributing to the improvement of healthcare and patient safety.


HPDC is conducting the following activities:

Undergraduate medical education
HPDC participates the classes from first to 6th grade students, such as interprofessionaleducation program, PBL tutorial program, preclinical medical skills program, English for medical purpose and clinical clerkship program.

Postgraduate Medical Education
HPDC manages the residency programs, faculty development programs, a variety of skill training programs.

Training for the healthcare professions
HPDC offers education and training programs tailored to each healthcare profession's needs for his/her lifelong learning, which inludes: interprofessional collaborative emergency care training with a human patient simulator, endoscopic training suitable for beginners to practician, medical interview training with simulated patients, and so on.