Hospital Profile

Philosophy, Basic policies

Chiba University Hospital is undertaking a variety of initiatives to develop safe and reliable medical care while respecting the wishes of patients and to cultivate outstanding medical professionals who will lead the way to the future.


We are devoted to providing advanced medical treatment and safeguarding the dignity of our patients, while spearheading efforts to develop clinical medicine and foster next-generation medical professionals.

Basic policies

Patients' rights and responsibilities



Partnerships between patients and medical professionals

Our hospital believes that partnerships between patients and medical professionals are pivotal in providing effective patient-centered medical care.

When providing care, we clearly explain all relevant information to patients so they can make informed choices regarding their health. We also allow patients to seek a second opinion*.

We are committed to forming these partnerships to ensure every patient receives the best and safest medical care.

* A second opinion is one given by medical professionals at another medical facility.

Basic policies on clinical ethics

Our attitude toward patients

We will respect each patient's human rights to the fullest extent possible and work closely with patients to provide them with the best medical care.

Our attitude as medical professionals

We will abide by laws, ordinances, guidelines and inhouse and other regulations pertaining to bioethics and provide high-quality medical care.

Our attitude toward research

We will conduct research essential for advancing medical care, while abiding by laws, ordinances and guidelines pertaining to clinical research.

Children's rights

(Every child receiving medical care has these rights)

* Hospital staff includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, rehab trainers, childminders and others.