Hospital Profile


Chiba University Hospital was established more than 140 years ago

Chiba Prefectural Hospital (1921)

Chiba University Hospital had its origins in the Kyoritsu Hospital (near the current Chiba Shrine), established in 1874 through donations from volunteers in Chiba, Noborito, and Samukawa.

All through the years, the hospital has scored many achievements in cutting-edge research, and produced many medical professionals who have lead the world.

Date Event
July 1874 Kyoritsu Hospital is founded
October 1876 Hospital is renamed Chiba Public (Prefectural) Hospital, and a medical school is added to the facilities
July 1882 Chiba Public Hospital is restructured and the Chiba Prefectural Medical School and the affiliated hospital are established
March 1888 Renamed Chiba Prefectural Hospital
April 1922 Renamed Medical School Hospital
April 1923 Renamed National Chiba Medical School Hospital due to the change in governmental regulations
May 1949 Renamed Chiba University Hospital
December 1977 New Hospital is completed (Open in March 1978)
April 2004 Transfer registered in national university corporation under the National University Corporation Act
September 2007 New Building (East Wing) completed (Open in May 2008)
June 2009 South Wing renovated (open in July)
February 2011 West Wing renovated (open in April)
May 2014 New Outpatient Building completed (Open in July)
April 2015 Outpatient Building renovated (Open in July)
April 2016 South Wing renovated (Open in April)
September 2020 New Center for Treatment & Care completed (Open in January)