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Basic Policy for Personal Information

Based on its philosophy and basic policy, Chiba University Hospital has formulated a policy on the handling of personal information to provide safe and high-quality medical care, develop cutting-edge medical services, and nurture the future generation of medical professionals.

The hospital properly and strictly manages important personal information of patients it keeps as follows:

Basic policy to protect personal information

  1. In collecting patients' personal information, the hospital clarifies the purpose of its use, such as medical care and nursing, and utilizes it within the scope of what patients have approved.
  2. (Management)
  3. The hospital abides by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations; prevents unauthorized access to and loss, destruction of and tampering with patients' personal information; and implements safety measures to protect such information.
  4. (Usage)
  5. The hospital spells out its stance on the use and provision of personal information in posts displayed on its premises, and other means. When it wishes to use or provide information for purposes other than those that have been spelled out, the hospital will obtain prior consent from the patient.
  6. (Provision to third party)
  7. The hospital will not provide personal information to a third party, except in the following cases:
    1) If the patient gives prior consent
    2) If it is in line with laws and regulations
    3) If it is used in a form in which an individual patient cannot be discerned or identified
  8. (Education)
  9. The hospital thoroughly conducts employee education and training and continues to review and improve internal rules, etc., to adequately handle personal information.
  10. (Disclosure methods)
  11. The hospital separately stipulates provisions for personal information disclosure.
  12. (Consultation on personal information)
  13. Please consult with the consultation section if you have questions about personal information.

Adopted April 1, 2005
Partial amendments made in July 2021

Chiba University Hospital Director General

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Regarding the handling of patients' personal information

The hospital would like to use records, including patients' valuable personal information that it has obtained, not only as a medical institution, but also as an educational institution for specific purposes. We appreciate it if patients understand and cooperate with the hospital's policy regarding this issue.

  1. Patients' personal information will be used for the purposes stated below, provided that the hospital abides by its internal rules, which are based on various laws and regulations.
     Use at the hospital for:
    • Medical services
    • Clerical work related to health insurance
    • Management and operations related to medical care (ward management at the time of admission and discharge of patients, accounting, safety measures in medical care and improvement of medical services)
    • Basic materials for maintaining and improving medical services and hospital operations
     Use at the hospital and Chiba University for:
    • Education related to medicine, pharmaceutical sciences and nursing research based on medical cases
    • Collaborative academic research with schools and departments of Chiba University (Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Graduate School of Nursing, etc.). (The hospital obtains individual consent from patients for ongoing research in line with the latest ethical guidelines).
    • Provision of information to outside auditing bodies
    When using personal information for the purposes stated above, the information is used with pseudonyms or other forms so that patients cannot be identified.
     Provision of information to other business operators for:
    • Collaboration in medical service, etc., with other hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, pharmacies and operators of home-visit nursing, nursing care and other services.
    • Response to inquiries from other medical institutions and parties about medical services and other matters.
    • Cases in which the hospital seeks opinion or advice from outside doctors and parties in providing medical care
    • Entrustment of clinical laboratory and other operations to outside entities
    • Explanation on the medical condition of a patient to family members and other concerned parties at the request or consent of the patient.
    • Clerical work on health insurance (entrustment of clerical work on health insurance; submission of health insurance claims to the health care bill check and payment organization*; and inquiries to the health care bill check and payment organization* or insurer)
    • Response to inquiries from the health care bill check and payment organization* or insurer
    • Submission of information to administrative or judiciary organizations based on relevant laws and regulations
    • Notification to the entrusted parties of the result of health checks with which the hospital was entrusted by business operators or other parties based on relevant laws and regulations
    • Consultation and reports to insurers and organizations specialized in medical care related to doctors' liability insurance, etc.
    • Provision of information on medical cases when doctors apply for specialist status, etc. and to academic societies, etc.
    • Entrustment to debt collection agencies to collect unpaid medical fees that are long overdue.
    • *A third-party organization that checks health insurance claims and makes payments to medical institutions.
     Research use
    • Use of samples and information in medical research conducted at the hospital or the university, as well as the provision of samples and information to medical research conducted at other medical institutions, joint research institutions and academic societies, etc.
    • When using personal information for the purposes stated above, patients' information are deleted and replaced with pseudonyms or processed by other means to protect the identity of patients in principle. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as ethical guidelines, this information is used after gaining the approval of the ethics review board and the consent of the patient. (This includes notifying the patient and ensuring that he or she knows about the use of such information).
  2. Please inform us if the patient has any concerns about or rejects the use of information for the purposes stated above. We make it a rule to obtain written consent for the use of personal information for any purpose other than those stated above.
  3. Patients have the following rights with regard to personal information:
     Requesting the disclosure of their own personal information by following the prescribed procedure
     Requesting corrections to their own personal information disclosed to them by following the prescribed procedure.
     Requesting the cessation of the use of, provision and deletion of their personal information when their personal information is thought to have been handled improperly, by following the prescribed procedure.
     Filing a formal objection to the hospital when patients have complaints about decisions made with regard to their rights as stated above.
  4. Patients are asked to contact our consultation service if they are uncertain about the handling of these and other matters related to personal information by the hospital.

October 11, 2022
Chiba University Hospital Director General

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