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General Medicine

Medical Services

Prof. Masatomi Ikusaka

We specialize in clinical problem solving and ambulatory medicine. We solve a patient's undiagnosed symptoms and health problems by comprehensively approaching all biopsychosocial problems without being restricted to an organ system or disease.
We also emphasize the importance of medical interviews from the standpoint of being able to diagnose a majority of diseases or illnesses from the interview alone.


We provide neither continuity of care nor inpatient services. If you need specialized medical care, we will refer you to a relevant specialist. For patients with common diseases that require continuity of care, we ask you to return to your primary care physician. Please bring a referral letter from your doctor to facilitate the consultation.

Target Diseases

We primarily see adult patients with undiagnosed symptoms.


Professor Yoshiyuki Ohira
Associate Professor Takanori Uehara
Staff Kazutaka Noda Tomoko Tsukamoto
Kiyoshi Shikino Daiki Yokokawa

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