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Department Information

Anesthesiology, Pain and Palliative Care Medicine

Medical Services

Prof. Shiroh Isono

Our main service is providing high quality clinical anesthesia to patients undergoing surgeries in our institution. We provide a stress-free peri-operative period starting with a thorough pre-operative examination followed by intra-operative anesthesia by a well-trained personnel.
We go beyond the operating room by offering pain services for non-cancer and cancer patients. Chronic pain has no simple mode of treatment. Our goals are not just to alleviate pain but to develop coping strategies to facilitate a useful and productive life. Interventional procedures may be used in some cases.
We provide palliative care for outpatients with life-threatening illnesses during and/or after disease treatment. We extend our in-patients' care with 5 beds and though connected homecare services. If you are considering in-hospital palliative care, please start out with our palliative care out-patient service by obtaining information from your primary doctor.

Target Diseases

We target all diseases for surgical treatment, as well as co-existing diseases to be managed during the perioperative period for clinical anesthesia. Post-herpetic pain, post-operative pain, complex pain syndromes and back pain are often seen in chronic pain service. We target all suffering due to life-limiting illnesses for palliative care. We provide continuing care for each individual patient with a team approach.


Associate Professors Natsuko Taguchi  
Staff Koyo Shono Junko Okazaki
Yuko Mizuno Aayako Shinohara
Megumi Okuyama Shin Sato
Kei Saito Emiri Suganuma
Kyonsu Son Tomoko Tochigi
Yuki Hateruma Katsuhiko Ishibashi
Hiroshi Kokubun Akiko Yoshimura
Shoko Yamagishi Akira Ide
Yuichi Sakaguchi Taiichiro Hayashida
Takahiro Muramatsu Makoto Hasegawa
Fumihiro Yoshikawa  


TEL: +81-43-222-7171 (switchboad)

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