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Chiba University Hospital

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Mission Statement, Our Core Values


Chiba University Hospital is undertaking a variety of initiatives to develop safe and reliable medical care while respecting the wishes of patients and to cultivate outstanding medical professionals who will lead the way to the future.

Mission Statement

We strive to cultivate professionals who will lead the way to the future of clinical medicine to integrate human dignity with state-of-the-art medical care.

Our Core Values

  • Providing safe and reliable medical care while respecting the wishes of patients
  • Endeavoring to develop and implement advanced medical care
  • Contributing to the regional / community medicine
  • Nurturing integrity in highly qualified medical professionals

Patient Rights & Obligations


  • The dignity and human rights are respected and confidential personal information shall be protected.
  • Patient has the right to receive high quality and appropriate medical care fairly.
  • Patient reserves the right to receive adequate information and explanation on their own treatment.
  • Self-determination concerning examination and treatment will be respected.
  • Patient reserves right to make decision as if they conduct clinical research or not, and to decide to continue or terminate it before or after the research have started.


  • Devote to medical treatment as efficient treatment shall be resulted in collaboration between patient and medical staff.
  • Provide and share credible medical information for adequate care.
  • Understand our mission and regulation and have kind consideration to other patients.
  • Take part in medical treatment and cooperate with staff for cultivating high quality medical professionals.
  • Only patient him/herself and the authorized person who has been permitted in advance can receive medical information.
  • Antisocial behavior such as violence, assault, blackmail and sexual harassment apply to be enforced our regulations.

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